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Jan 31, 2010

Kawasaki ZX 130

The longer a person riding a motorcycle, the more aware of people's strengths and weaknesses will be on his motorcycle. This also applies when the person is driving a Kawasaki ZX 130 which is also often referred to as 'kawasaki Ninja'.

'Baby Ninja' is a duck motorcycle 4 stroke, 130 cc engine, which has a fine external appearance. This is due to posture 'Baby Ninja' a higher, longer and wider than joknya motorcycle duck in his class.
Kawasaki manufacturers also seems very confident with Speedo pegged the number at 170 meters until the numbers, whereas the other motorcycle manufacturers to fix the number 140, or 160 at best. Not only that, ZX 130 is also the only duck motorcycle in Indonesia today is "put" label RPM (Rotary Per Minute) in odometer.
Of course, the inclusion of supplements is not without purpose. To find out the manufacturer Kawasaki seriousness, someone was supposed to try it.
That's what the "SH" recently. And after trying for a week, it is obvious that the ZX 130 was superior in its class, the class 125 to 130 cc. Another 130 ZX excess is this bike sold in Indonesia at a price of 110 motorcycles 115 cc or CC, which is approximately USD 12.5 million alone.
This makes the ZX 130 has more value. Not to mention when we talk about the stability of duck motorcycles, ZX 130 can be placed at the top of the standings.
Wide Stangnya make drivers feel comfortable and not feel tired. Suspension is fitted to stay in control when the handlebar hole grind. Stability was also acquired by Kawasaki motorcycles of any type. This is what makes Kawasaki motorcycle Japan became the biggest-selling in the U.S..

Comfortable Seating Position
Comparison between the handlebar height with seat height to fit riders give motorists a comfortable sitting position, with extensive views to the front and to the side. Rearview mirror, a small but flexible hinges can make a driver to vary the position of the rearview mirror to find a position that is really nice.
Wide and padded seat also had a part in driver fatigue and absorb settlers. Not to mention, gas tengki position located in the front, making the driver did not bother to come down while refueling.
He simply turned the ignition to the left and cover gasoline tengki will open automatically. Fueling process becomes shorter than the other ducks motorcycle where the rider must go down, turned the key in the back and lifted his bike seat.
These conditions allow "Si Buyung" who sat in the front or "mother of children" do not have to come down from the motorcycle. "Emaknya the children" seemed satisfied diboncengi for rear seat area and height.
Disc brakes at the front to give you confidence and security. And finally, the capacity is 130 cc engine makes this bike is always in the leading group after the traffic lights changed from red to green.
Could 110 km / hour
Another 130 ZX excess is a great strength. Teeth three motorcycles can be driven up to 110 km / h in the motor condition is still the standard, not "dikilik" or modified engines. If all three teeth could be as firm as that, what about the fourth tooth. However, this does not seem necessary if not urgent. Faster, more difficult to control vehicles. This could endanger the rider or others.
ZX 130 was designed for the streets in urban or rural. Large cruising power. Position SPAK with tire drill bit 130 ZX much easier to drive on smooth roads and damaged roads muddy. Whatever kind of way, one thing must be remembered that the capacity of this motor tengki just 3.7 liters, so the driver must be "diligent" stop at the gas station, especially if he traveled far.
In other words, the driver must stop at the gas station every 150 km.
Its headlights are bright and easily visible to its own security, not to mention the front disc brakes and not impressed nancep ngesot when braked suddenly.
130 ZX security can be compared with other motorcycle safety, including safety and completeness of the trunk was a "water proof" that provides perfect protection to the document, henpon, wallets, watches or whatever when drivers had to break through the rain.

Tooth displacement
130 ZX reminiscent of the adage "there is no ivory that does not crack". There's no perfect bike, as well as the ZX 130. Rear ball bearing motor average Kawasaki fragile or unstable. This makes driving less convenient, especially while cornering.
Another 130 ZX weakness is when the rider to move the gear teeth 1 to 2. Motorists usually difficult to move to the teeth 2. Later known, the driver must immediately move the teeth before raising the gas (2 transferred to the teeth when the gas was a kid).
This is contrary to the Yamaha Vega R, Jupiter Z, or Honda Karisma, who instead must digeber first, then we go 2 teeth. If these weaknesses can be corrected Kawasaki, ZX 130 may be a duck motorcycle the most superior and most comfortable in its class.

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